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Best Emirati EmployeeClick here to participate

This category is dedicated to all Emirati employees who are working and characterised by specific attributes, including: being knowledgeable, hardworking, professional with specialism, proactive and ambitious, responsible and aware of his responsibilities, adhering to his values and customs and national identity, serving his country in all fields, tolerant and open to other cultures, an ambassador and a good representative of his country, optimistic, positive and happy. The candidate shall not hold a supervisory role nor have previously held a supervisory position in the last two years.

  1. Best Emirati Employee
  2. Best Emirati Employee category
  3. Best Emirati in a Supervisory Role category

Terms and conditions of participation

1.Best New Emirati Employee

This category is for all newly recruited Emirati employees (new graduates) who take up employment soon after obtaining their academic qualification (regardless of the period between the employee receiving the academic qualification and being employed for the first time). If the new employee was already working in government or the private sector, he may be considered as a new employee as long as the total number of years of employment within the establishment through which he is applying and the entities he had worked with previously, shall not exceed two years, provided that he has spent at least one year and a maximum of two years (in total), in the same establishment or any other previous establishments including any probation period.

2.Best Emirati in a Supervisory Role

This category is dedicated to Emirati Department Managers and Section Heads or equivalent thereof, working in the private sector. Examples of such jobs / job titles that are entitled to participate in this category: (Department Manager / Area Manager / Branch Manager / Section Head / Office Manager / Unit Head). The nominee for this category needs to be supervising at least 3 employees in the position he currently occupies.

3.Best Emirati Employee

  1. The winner may not participate in two consecutive cycles
  2. The candidate’s job title must match the candidate’s category except in the Emirati Employee, and the new Emirati Employee categories.
  3. His performance must be outstanding by the end of the year according to the system adopted by the establishment.
  4. The candidate’s file must be free from any form of sanctions (notice, warning, etc.) during the last two years of his work and continue until the announcement of the results.
  5. In the event of a change in the employee’s job title after submitting the application, he may remain a candidate for his category and his performance will be evaluated based on his former job title.
  6. To win the category, the candidate must remain in the job during the evaluation process and continue until the results are announced.

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