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The Establishments CategoryClick here to participate

  1. Private sector
  2. High-tech
  3. Semi-government

Establishment Category Criteria

Employment - 40% (maximum 400 points)

This criterion focuses on the contribution of private sector establishments to issues and activities that contribute to the employment of Emiratis.

  • Employment Sub-criteria:

Enablers may include:

  1. Availability of innovative recruitment methods such as, but not limited to, working from distance, part-time work, seasonal work, job-share, engaging the self-employed etc.
  2. Methods used to attract and employ Emiratis in the establishment, for example working with educational institutions, participating in employment fairs, etc.
  3. Ensuring the transparency and credibility of the systems and mechanisms to attract and employ Emiratis and to continuously improve them through feedback.
  4. Availability of policies for employment of people of determination.
  5. Availability of programs to review salaries and allowances periodically and benchmark them with the labour market to attract and retain Emiratis.

Employment results for the years 2016/2017/2018:

  1. Annual Emiratisation headcount and percentage at various job levels.
  2. Turnover rate of Emiratis.
  3. Number of employees with special needs.
  4. The percentage of Emirati women in the establishment in areas where there is a high percentage of Emirati women job seekers.

Learning and Development - 20% (maximum 200 points)

This criterion addresses the development of Emirati capabilities, whether administrative, professional, technical or behavioural, in addition to developing their skills, training, motivating and communicating with them.

  • ELearning and Development Sub-Criteria:

Enablers may include:

  1. Methods used to identify training needs.
  2. Mechanism to identify and classify the knowledge, skills and capabilities of Emiratis and create individual development plans.
  3. Active participation with academic and training institutions in implementing Emiratisation support projects.
  4. Measuring the effectiveness and impact of training on the performance and behaviour of Emiratis.
  5. Implemented programs to enable and encourage Emiratis in those jobs and occupations with low rates of Emiratisation.
  6. Availability of sustainable learning opportunities for Emiratis through on-the-job-training, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeships and undergraduate programs.
  7. The programs adopted to ensure the existence of Emirati career paths both occupational and professional.
  8. Leadership is committed to making available exchange programs and other initiatives to transfer different technologies to Emiratis.

Learning and Development results for the years 2016/2017/2018 :

  1. Investment percentage in learning and development of Emiratis relative to the allocated budget.
  2. Average expenditure on learning and development for each Emirati.
  3. Percentage of disbursement of the annually allocated budget for Emiratisation learning and development.
  4. Percentage of Emiratis trained relative to the total number of Emiratis in the establishment.
  5. The average number of man-days training for Emiratis

Leadership and Strategy - 20% (maximum 200 points)

This criterion addresses the role and practices of senior management in defining a vision, corporate values and developing and implementing strategies that take into account Emiratisation issues, trends, objectives, policies, programs and indicators, and provide clear mechanisms for strategy implementation and follow-up to ensure that Emiratisation is integral to the establishment.

  • Leadership and Strategy sub-criteria:

Enablers may include:

  1. The role of senior management in developing the Emiratisation vision, values and sense of responsibility.
  2. The role of senior management in ensuring the availability of an effective system/method of work for setting Emiratisation plans and programs, monitoring and following up the performance and enhancing the improvement processes and allocating the financial resources required to implement the Emiratisation Plan.
  3. Availability of a strategic Emiratisation Plan linked to the establishment’s workforce plan and succession plan that gives Emiratis priority in employment, promotions, enablement and professional development.
  4. The role of senior management in the periodic review of the Emiratisation strategic objectives, indicators, initiatives, performance level and results as part of the periodic meeting agenda, including linking the senior management bonus to the achievement of the Emiratisation plan.
  5. Develop, review and update the strategic Emiratisation plan, regularly and periodically, utilising the Emiratisation indicators and best Emiratisation practices in the country and in the other Gulf states
  6. Participation of senior management in promoting and marketing the Emiratisation culture to all stakeholders inside and outside the establishment.
  7. Availability of policies, objectives and programs to encourage Emiratis in those critical jobs with low Emiratisation rates and to raise the technical competence of Emiratis.

Leadership and Strategy results for the years 2016/2017/2018:

  1. Percentage of critical jobs that have been Emiratised taking into account all the positions in each role.
  2. Number of times Emiratisation is included in the agenda during monthly management meetings.
  3. Number of times senior management meet with the entire Emirati workforce.
  4. Percentage of the Emiratisation budget relative to the overall establishment budget.

Engagement and Work Environment - 10% (maximum 100 points)

This criterion focuses on how the establishment engages its Emiratis and provides a good environment that motivates Emiratis to remain in the establishment.

  • Engagement and Work Environment sub-criteria:

Enablers may include:

  1. The extent of readiness and appropriateness of the work environment to be a stimulating and an attractive factor for Emiratis which provides flexible and innovative systems for work, including, but not limited to, flexible work, part time work, work from distance, number of working hours, weekends and vacations; provision of accommodation and offering employee loyalty program ... etc.
  2. Availability of suitable and encouraging conditions for Emirati women to join the establishment.
  3. Availability of sustainable policies to maintain talented Emiratis and motivate and honour them to ensure their satisfaction and happiness within the establishment.
  4. The availability of the methods used to survey Emiratis employed to identify their needs and expectations.
  5. Provision of a system of rewards and promotions for Emiratis and motivate them to remain in the establishment.
  6. The extent to which the establishment provides channels to receive complaints, observations, ideas and suggestions from Emiratis and the mechanism to deal with them.
  7. Engagement of Emiratis in high tech projects.
  8. Availability of policies that encourage Emiratis to complete their studies, e.g. leaving work early, time off for exams, paying part of the tuition fees, etc.
  9. The methods applied to empower Emiratis and vest in them sufficient powers to accomplish their tasks.

Results of Engagement and Work Environment for the years 2016/2017/2018:

  1. Number of work policies developed for Emiratisation in the establishment.
  2. Number of suggestions and ideas received from Emirati employees.
  3. Average number of years employment of each Emirati in the establishment.
  4. Percentage of Emiratis who were promoted or honoured during the year.
  5. Number of Emiratis who completed their studies during their employment in the establishment.
  6. Emirati satisfaction and happiness level in the establishment.

Community and Innovation - 10% (maximum 100 points)

This criterion addresses the role of the establishment in engaging with the Community and the contribution it makes to develop Emiratis within the community. It also focuses on the involvement and engagement of Emirati employees in innovative projects within the establishment.

  • Community and Innovation sub-criteria:

Enablers may include:

  1. Availability of sustainable learning opportunities for Emiratis through internships, sponsorships, vocational training and summer training.
  2. Role in the community in supporting and promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, technical research studies, partnerships with educational institutions
  3. he programs adopted to develop Emiratis through scholarships and then employing them after graduation
  4. Involvement with young Emiratis through school programs encouraging the children to take a keen interest in the establishment’s business sector current and future trends.
  5. Involvement and engagement of young Emiratis in the establishment
  6. Involvement with the community in the development of ideas, products and applications relevant to the establishment’s business sector
  7. Involvement and engagement of Emirati employees in innovative projects within the establishment.
  8. Participation in the Ministry’s initiatives such as Absher, Accelerator program, open days, Wajehni, Tamkeen, Graduate Trainee program amongst others.

Community and Innovation results for the years 2016/2017/2018 :

  1. Number of Emiratis involved in exchange programs.
  2. Number of Emiratis involved in internships and summer and vocational training programs.
  3. Number of scholarships.
  4. Number of initiatives undertaken within the community, including schools.
  5. Number of Emirati employees involved and engaged in innovative projects within the establishment.

Terms and conditions of participation

  1. Any establishment wishing to participate in the Award is required to submit an application form.
  2. Participation for all establishments is optional

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