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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

Innovative ideas and suggestions - Ministry of human resource and Emiratization

Driven by the Ministry’s keenness to developing ideas and building capabilities in the field of government innovation and achieving the national strategy for innovation to enable the UAE to be among the most innovative countries in the world, MOHRE is looking to improve and develop “services/operations and procedures/systems/policies, etc.", through sharing ideas and proposals from all individuals that will contribute to development, improvement, and access to innovative scientific methods to overcome challenges, by turning the challenge into an innovative opportunity.


Innovation is seeing what people see, but thinking of what they did not think of. There is a way to do the best. Let us believe in change and achieve innovation, so share your thoughts (https://app.knowledgetrak.com/fill-survey/3700/jxo9mpzk-g )


Objective: Collect and study ideas and proposals from all individuals, to turn the innovative idea into reality, raise the level of quality, and increase community happiness.



Decision-making: A set of initiatives have been launched with the aim of pushing the wheel of innovation and creativity forward in all fields and providing all support for the UAE vision to be fulfilled. For this purpose, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has adopted innovation as an approach and made it an integral part of every practice, process and service. It has also been keen on providing an environment for the incubating and stimulating innovation by launching initiatives and programs that consolidate and disseminate the culture of innovation. These initiatives include:

·       Innovation ISO

·       Innovation Equation

·       Innovation Guide and Policy

·       Innovation Station (Tawteen)  

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