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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

The National Training Portal - Ministry of human resource and Emiratization

The "National Training Portal" is an innovative platform to enable UAE nationals to have jobs in the labour market. The Ministry has been keen to develop its partnership with The Higher Colleges of Technology and specialized centres and institutes to design and implement programs that train and qualify national human resources, in line with the requirements of the jobs available at institutions and companies operating in the targeted sectors, which are always looking for competencies and expertise to fill these jobs, especially in light of a competitive work environment that requires self-proof, competence, and excellence in performing the required job tasks.

The "National Training Portal" allows national job seekers who want to develop their skills or wish to change their careers, to view all specialized training programs and courses, and to choose from them based on their qualifications and career aspirations. They can then register to participate in the program of their choice according to a specific


The objective of the consultation: Monitor opinions and proposals for the development and improvement of the national training portal to better serve those involved.




Decision-making: A package of basic and specialized training programs and professional diplomas in targeted economic sector has been introduced for Emiratis to acquire the job skills required by the labor market currently and in the future. An electronic platform ‘My Platform’ has been launched in co-operation with the Higher Colleges of Technology.

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