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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

Community Initiatives - Ministry of human resource and Emiratization

There are many indicators for the vitality of society and its ability to rise and respond to the challenges it faces. Among the most important of these indicators are “community initiatives” which support the improvement of society’s segments. The interest in community initiatives has become an urgent need to develop and build society. The mechanism of its practice has changed from merely taking part in philanthropy, donations, voluntary campaigns to actual contribution to sustainable social development, and the adoption of community-based initiatives that contribute to strengthening the role of individuals and institutions to play their developmental role towards society.


Objective: The consultation aims to collect ideas and suggestions for community-based initiatives that target sustainable social development.



Decision-making: The MOHRE has listed and studied all ideas and suggestions for

conversion into social initiatives aimed at developing the society. These initiatives which have been implemented include:


·       Support Beirut campaign in co-operation with the Emirates Red Crescent

·       Committed to health and safety measures

·       Eid clothing in co-operation with Al Ihsan Charity Association

·       Sponsoring orphans in co-operation with Beit Al Khair Society

·       Blood donation in co-operation with Blood Bank

·       Volunteer for the nation


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