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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

Self-employment platform (Freelancing)


To encourage citizen participation in the private sector; MOHRE has developed its strategic programs to enhance its readiness for the future and increase the participation of the national workforce in the labour market. It adopted the self-employment policy and launched the e-platform to link skilful national freelancers with government authorities and private establishments to obtain their services and products. Institutions obtain the skills of nationals whom in return earn income through a vibrant, non-traditional career path. In addition, the policy will contribute to increasing women's participation in the labour market, which will achieve readiness for gender balance in the labour market. This comes in line with the requirements of the country's readiness for the future due to changing global trends and focusing on entrepreneurship and freela  

Citizens achieve income through a vibrant, non-traditional career path through their registration and active participation in the platform. Approximately 4000 national freelancers have registered on the platform so far. The ministry has implemented workshops to attract entities to use the platform in cooperation with partners such as the Ministry of Economy, the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, and the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy. The number of registered entities on the platform have reached 163 to date. To qualify citizens, MOHRE implemented a set of specialized programs such as Google Skills and Coursera, digital marketing and brand management skills, which were received by 139 citizens.

The Ministry's launch of the self-employment platform had a significant impact on the readiness of the systems to provide diverse job opportunities for citizens during crises and emergencies


This consultation aims to monitor opinions and suggestions to develop mechanisms that support innovative models for the national freelancers and independent workers in the private sector and to develop a self-employment platform to provide the best services to the labour market stakeholders.

Expected Decisions of implementation:

 Innovative mechanisms, policies, and digital platforms that support the work of citizens according to innovative work models (freelance and independent employment) in the labour market at all times.


Chambers of Commerce and Industry meet at the local level and discuss ways of cooperation in activating the platform and empowering national competencies

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