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Issue Government Relations Officer Permit (PRO)

  • FAQ

    1. Is it possible to issue a PRO card without a certificate of good conduct?

      A good conduct certificate, valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date of issue, is required

    2. Is it possible to issue a card for a non-citizen PRO to companies with different owners?

      It's not possible because if a non-citizen PRO card is to be issued, he should have a valid work and residency card for the company to which he wishes to issue a PRO card and other companies of the same owner.

    3. Is it possible to issue a card for a non-citizen PRO for more than one company?

      Yes, provided that the ownership of companies (maximum 3 companies) belongs to the same owner and that the number of workers they have is not more than 99 workers at each establishment separately.

  • Service Description

    A service provided by the Ministry to the establishment to authorize the representative to submit and follow up the completion of transactions in the ministry. The validity of the card is two years.

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures


    1. Log in to Tasheel system by providing valid credentials
    2. Select Request forAdding PRO from the Establishments menu
    3. Enter the required data and attachments
    4. Pay the fees

    Service Centers

    1. The addition of an electronic representative is requested through the service centers “Tasheel”The application is submitted to the Labor offices' pick-up counter
    2. The application will be forwarded electronically to the ministry's database and fulfilling the conditions contained herein shall be checked and verified. The application will be rejected or returned to complete the missing requirements.
  • Required Documents

    • E-Signature Card of one of the owner – numbers of establishments
    • A copy of passport and book family of the worker “citizen”
    • A copy of passport and residence for the worker “non-citizen”
    • Photo of the PRO
    • Other attachments
  • Terms And Conditions

    • The non-citizen/ GCC nationals shall have a valid residence and labor card with the establishment
    • Female citizens are only allowed to apply for the profession of "representative"
    • The age of the employer shall not be less than 18 years.
    • The representative shall be a UAE national if the number of registered workers at the establishment is 100 workers and more or for two employers given that the number of workers at their establishments is less than 100.
  • Timing

  • Payment

    Typing Fees : 80 AED

    Taqyeem : 40 AED

  • Working Hours

    • Service centers 12 hours
    • Delivery cars 12 hours
    • Smart application 24 hours

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