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Issue work offer

  • FAQ

    • What is the job offer appendix?

      Is an annex to the work offer containing a summary of the labor law, the obligations of the parties and their rights according to the type of offer.

    • When can a job offer be rejected?

      IIn the event of adding conditions to the work offer letter, the Ministry's system will refer the request to the Labor Relations Department to receive the approval of the additional conditions before sending them to the worker to sign them. In any case, these conditions should not violate the Labor Law and the executive ministerial decisions unless they are better for the worker.

    • Is it possible to modify the work offer after printing it?

      The work offer data can be modified after printing and prior to the initial approval of an electronic work permit.

    • Is it possible to submit more than one work offer to the same worker by different establishments at the same time?

      Yes, It is possible to submit more than one work offer to the worker by different establishments. However, after applying for a work permit for this worker by an establishment, the other establishments can not apply for a work permit, as the system will respond that this worker has a working permit in place.

    • Is it possible to extract a work offer for a worker who has a valid work permit in the Ministry's system?

      Yes, it is possible.

    • Is there a validity period for the job offer?

      There is validity period for job offers.

    • Does the job offer match the contract?

      Yes, it must be identical to the labor contract.

    • Is it possible to send a copy of the work offer to a worker outside the country to view and sign it?

      Yes, this shall be done before the initial approval notice for the work permit is printed.

  • Service Description

    A service provided by the ministry to an establishment that has an approved electronic quota to enable the recruitment of workers from outside the country. This is a work offer for the worker to be recruited to work in the establishment, showing the details of the salary, terms, and duration of the offer, in the language understood by the worker. This service may be used for a worker within the UAE, provided that the worker's residence and work card have been canceled in less than 90 days, regardless of the existence of an electronic quota for the establishment, and regardless of whether the worker is still in the country or has left after the cancellation.

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures


    1. Log in to Tas-heel system by providing valid credentials
    2. Select " printing job offer letter " service from the job offers list
    3. Enter the required information
    4. Add attachments
    5. Pay fees
    6. Print the receipt

    Service Centers

    1. A job offer letter shall be printed at the Tasheel service centers - or through establishments paricipating in the e-forms program.
    2. Printing fees shall be paid
  • Required Documents

    • None
  • Terms And Conditions

    • The establishment status shall be private
    • The establishment shall have an approved electronic quota
    • The work card and the worker's residence shall be canceled for less than 90 days if the type of work offer (work offer for transfer)
  • Timing

  • Payment

    Typing Fees : 80 AED

    Taqyeem : 430 AED

  • Working Hours

    • Service centers 12 hours
    • Delivery cars 12 hours
    • Smart application 24 hours

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